Kidzplay Shipley

Thank You

We appreciate you taking the time to reply.  

We have a number of options for you before you go. Rather than spending time and money finding presents and a card, you can donate to our birthday present fund and our group birthday card. 

Birthday Card

Rather than buying an individual card -why not contribute to our party guest card? We add everyone’s picture into a large card that can be kept as a keepsake for years to come. 

Birthday Present Fund

Give Ruby The present he really wants.

How our Birthday Fund works is that you simply choose the amount you which to donate. It goes to the Birthday Fund with everyone else’s donation. The birthday Mum has pre-selected birthday presents and the fund will be used to purchase a gift or gifts for the party day. This saves you time, you know the present is what the child wants and it saves the environment from plastic toys nobody wants. 

Party At Kidzplay? 

We know not everyone wants to sit with the party table, or you want to bring all the brothers and sisters of the party guest but don’t want to add to the party parent’s stress. You can now pre-purchase a table in centre that is ready for when you arrive. 

Pre-Book A Table At Kidzplay